What kind of pest can affect your home

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Pest is any living organism which is troublesome to plants, animals and human beings. Pests often appear in high quantities , making the damage they make mo9re detrimental.

Animals are called pests when they cause damage to crops by feeding on crops or parasitism on them.  Such pests include  moths, boll weevil and even termites. An organism  can  also be considered a pest when it causes damage to an ecosystem or carries germs. Examples of these include those organisms such as rats, ticks, mosquitoes which carry malaria and fleas.

Household pests are the worse. If not kept under control and if proper pest control tucson is not adapted they can multiply into thousands and destroy your home. There are ample kinds of house-hold pests. These include the following:


Termites were once classified as a kind of cockroach. They make this mud like colonies and dwell there and are a popular kind of pests in homes.They construct these colonies as they travel through the dirt.  They make these conies under leaking  pipes, clogged gutters, firewood stacked against a wall, earth to wood contact places and excessive mulch against walls.


Beetles are another tiny creature. They not only destroy your home but many other things if infestations go out of hand. They make tiny holes in any wood surfaced areas such as bed, tables, chairs and even cupboards. Most beetle infestations occur in new houses that have been built with an infested wood.


Are major pests found in all parts of the country. They might look like something that is very regular and common but actually they are very harmful. Ants are of many types including fire ants and indoor ants. They are unhygienic since they cover every sweet food left open in your house. Also they eat plants from your garden. At times they eat the cables of your electrical connections at your home creating short-circuits.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice are eerie and unhygienic creatures. They take birth usually in the gutter holes and damp areas. At times they enter your home through pipe holes and often poison your food by eating bits of them. Lastly, they also destroy your clothes which is kept untouched for a long time.

Honey bees

Honey bees are a good source of honey without any doubt. But at times too much of honey bees around your home or in your can be dangerous. They are poisonous and create hurdles in your regular functions. If disturbed they can be deadly for your children and pets. If your house is infested with too many honey bee combs don’t think twice before exterminating them.


Cockroaches are another most form of unhealthy pest in your home.  Research shows that people growing with huge number of cockroaches at home are more likely to suffer from allergies and asthma.  Their feces carries pathogens and can cause many other diseases too.  If suitable precautions are not taken at the right time they can capture your home and rule over you.

Pest Control Tucson

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